Demystifying the hybrid cloud

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Demystifying the hybrid cloud

Want to know how you could have a truly flexible yet secure cloud infrastructure allowing integration of on-premise, hosted and public cloud services? If the answer is “yes” then watch this webcast. We look deep into hybrid cloud delivery options providing an insight into how technology you already know and trust can be used to create an innovative solution that delivers the flexibility your business demands.

What you'll learn:

  • How to identify if a hybrid cloud is the best option for your business
  • Why security matters and how to secure your services
  • How to define which workload suits which cloud delivery model
  • How to define a cloud adoption strategy to make your IT team more agile
  • How to leverage software-defined technologies to deploy cost effective, flexible services that drive innovation

About our speaker: Heino Skov

This webcast is presented by Proact Senior Technical Architect, Heino Skov. Heino has extensive experience in hybrid cloud and automation technologies.

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